Privacy and Personal Data Policy

At Patheodent your privacy and fidelity of personal data is very important to us. Please find herewith our Privacy and Personal Data Policy.

How Our Offices Are Protected

Updated: 2021/06/09
  1. Our workstations and servers are all protected by Trend Micro Antivirus /  Anti-Malware / Anti-Ransomware software.
  2. Our computers are remotely lockable if stolen or lost. 

How Our Website is Protected

Updated: 2021/06/09
  1. We ensure that our website and its core components are regularly updated. This ensures that any backdoors or our website vulnerabilities are detected and secured.
  2. The Patheodent website collects the following data:
    • Personal Data entered in the “Contact Us” form.
    • Personal Data entered in the “Book an Appointment” form.
    • Personal Data entered in the “Pre-visit Coronavirus Survey” form.
    • Personal Data entered in the “Newsletter Subscription” form.
    • Personal Data entered in the “Online Shop Order” form.
    • All data collected by web-forms on this website can be provided or deleted per request.  
  3. Newsletters sent by Patheodent will always contain an “unsubscribe” link for the recipient to opt-out of receiving newsletters pertaining to the list it was sent from.
    • The email address and associated data will be removed  per request
  4. The data on Patheodent website and From Submissions is encrypted with SSL.
  5. All form submissions on the Patheodent website screened by Google reCaptcha.
  6. The Patheodent website and its data is regularly backed up on the hosting server.
  7. This website does collect cookies, although it is not used for marketing, sold or distributed and is for the sole purpose of triggering popups and remembering previously entered site settings and form data.
  8. Patheodent is committed to only collect personal information and use as much as required and will only share data with companies, databases and services that facilitates the need of the visitor.


To prevent spam accounts, this website does not allow you to create a customer account prior to ordering. Once you have completed your billing details on the checkout page and click “Place Order“, a customer account will automatically be created for you and you will be automatically logged in on the website as a customer. Please check both your email INBOX and SPAM folder for your welcome email and login credentials for future purchase or to view your order history.


Login to Patheodent to see your Current and Past Orders. Logging in will also automatically filling your  Billing and Delivery details for future purchases.

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